For a professional Ottawa residential building home inspection call Bernier 3D Inspections B:613-424-3601. Ottawa home inspector(s) serving Ottawa and surrounding area for Barrhaven home inspections, Kanata home inspections, Orleans home inspections, Cumberland home inspections, Embrun home inspections, Rockland home inspections, Ottawa home inspections, Gatineau home inspections. ​

Request your real estate agent, or if you are buying directly, request the current home owner to arrange:

  • access to the property
  • access to the attic and any other places as required, have excess storage removed
  • that alarms are OFF
  • schedule enough time for the 2 - 3 hour inspection
  • payment can be made by check or cash

It is recommended that you make yourself familiar with the following three attachments. The first one is the contract, the second is "What you should expect from a home inspection and the Standard of Practice.

  1. Home Inspection Contract Form
  2. What you should expect from a home inspection
  3. CAHPI Standard of Practice for your home inspection

CMHC (Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation) for all kinds of technical information about your house.


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Standards of Practice


The Standards of Practice is a set of guidelines for home inspectors to follow in the performance of their inspections.  They are the most widely accepted home inspection guidelines in use, and include all the home's major systems and components.

The Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics are recognized by many related professions as the definitive standard for professional performance in the industry.

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