Homeowner Assessment /Maintenance Inspection

Get More Details So what kind of deficiencies do we find in new homes – you name it, it probably happened and more. From our expertise, new homes may often have more issues then an existing home. Unbelievable you may say – but these are facts. Basement and roof problems tend to top the list but we can tell you – but that is not all. We have witnessed building sites requiring homes to be lifted "floated" on huge foam blocks to assist in mitigating their sinking foundations. New Home inspection pays by itself and documents the condition of the house. The cost of this inspection type varies dependent on size and location of the home and normally takes 2-3 hours. Digitized pictorial report is often provided to clients as part of the service to document findings.

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30 Day Home Inspection (Tarion)

A Homeowner's Inspection may reassure you about the condition of your home. It will provide you with the information you will need to determine any action required, and the expensed envisioned. No surprises the better. Maintenance inspections  just make sense for those  not inclined to assess their home maintenance needs on an annual basis. Being current of regular home maintenance is a good way to minimize your cost later and protect your investment. 

their own forms and a standard way of reporting that home owners must complete.

Don't fall in the black hole that many homeowners do by thinking that they can save money and identify all the deficiencies themselves. Remember that Tarion's policy is "last document in" so any outstanding issues with your home, need to be relisted on your one year form. Only too often, do we hear cases where they missed something and it has not been covered by either the builder or Tarion because it did not appear in the one year report. Too bad so sad one’s might say.

A new home is without deficiencies......???
​Unfortunately .......not the real world

Just because you're buying a new home doesn't necessarily mean that it will be well constructed. Large developments and non experimented skilled labour have often made new home construction purchases somewhat of a risky venture. Just ask many of the new home purchasers in your area in the past few years who still have outstanding issues. One of the cheapest method to check out a builder is simply verify....... Many consumers rely on salespeople pitch. We suggest, that the best and most credible source of information on new homes, are their former existing customer. Go to any new development and start asking residents. Sometimes new homeowners tell us that they would not have purchased the house, have they known better. Homeowners will either tell you bad stories that they experienced firsthand or proudly show you around their home with pride. Take the time to investigate within the new area, it may be the best use of your time that you've ever made. If you have not by any means signed a contract for your new home you will want to read the following;

So how does a knowledgeable or inexperienced home buyer know if they are buying the house that they thought that they bargained for?

If allowed by the builder, you will want to have a professional inspector check and assess the construction. 

  1. Foundation, siding 
  2. Walls, roof trusses, sheathing, shingles 
  3. Plumbing, electrical, mechanical systems
  4. (heating and cooling), insulation, vapour barrier 

1 year Home Inspection (Tarion)

observed many of the typical construction issues that we find in new homes. Unless you are really willing to live with your home "as is" now is the time to seek in professional help.

The inspector will provide a list of deficiencies to attach to the builder / Tarion 30 form. Review what is on the list and amend the list as needed.

Condominium Inspections

This is the first chance you have to provide Tarion of any issues you experience with your new home once you move in. If you did not use the services of a professional home inspector during your pre-delivery inspection, now is the time to gain an accurate list of any deficiencies that your new home may have.

Quiet often, the new home owners, do not have the construction know how required to efficiently identify and

If you are purchasing a Condo Unit, it is again important to have it inspected the same way as you would a freehold property. Many buyers are under the impression that because they are buying a condominium , they are only buying that unit and the rest belong to the corporation. True in principle, but all condominium owners have actually bought into a condo corporation. This corporation is responsible for the repairs of all common elements such as roofs, windows, underground parking garages, balconies, parking lots, etc. Normally paid on a monthly basis. Consumers should be concerned whether their condominium corporation has duly maintained an adequate reserve funds. This can be verified by your real estate lawyer or agent.

Your agent or real estate lawyer should obtain a copy of your condominium's reserve fund study and will be able to assess the solvency of the condo's long and short schedule for repairs. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation - CMHC has a great Condominium Buyers Guide available for viewing online. - How to determine the Physical Condition of a Condominium.

The question is can you afford not to have a professional Home Inspection?

New Home Warranty

As recommended by lawyers and consumer protection advocates. This Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) is very important to discuss deficiencies with your builder prior to closing. The Builder Representative is not likely going to identify any deficiencies on the PDI and you will be asked to sign the Tarion Warranty Corp. Form that your new home meets all criteria to take possession and the house was in good delivery condition!

How do you feel about making this important decision? Do you have the knowledge to inspect and find deficiencies while the builder rep is rushing through so that he can get to the next customer? A home inspector would not only find deficiencies but document the condition of the home with pictures, etc. This is your best protection.

Don't be steered into a false sense of security that Tarion Warranty will totally protect you if anything goes wrong during the first year. Ask the many new homeowners, thinking on saving money by not using a professional to identify deficiencies is not a good strategy. As the cost will be greater for repairs and may need to be fixe after the warranty is over. It is suggested that you should have a trained professional's eyes on your side to ensure that your home is "in good order" prior to signing off on the dotted line.

It is not usual to see significant deficiencies, a pre-delivery inspection may reveal a serious defect with a home that could endanger the occupants health, such as improper furnace gas exhaust venting, stairs that are unsafe, etc.

On one occasion, inspecting the furnace and removing the front cover it was found disconnected completely with a large gap. Carbon monoxide could have been deadly or at very least very harmful to their health. One another occasion looking in the attic, several trussed in a row where severely cracked (likely caused by dropping heavy packs of shingles with a crane during shingling process). This could have caused a roof collapse during the winter season where heavy snow loads are part of our winters.

We strongly recommend that you visit www.tarion.com to ensure that you fully understand your rights under the home program. Just one example of this is the need to continually repeat all outstanding issues each time you send the forms to TARION and be aware of deadlines during the warranty process as this could be a way out for the builder to not respect their engagement.

By not identifying deficiencies from the start, you may encounter difficulties in trying to prove that any deficiencies existed in your home unless documented as such to the Tarion Warranty Program at right time - the Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI), 30 days after delivery and to your one year anniversary date.

New Home Pre-Delivery (PDI)

Having an inspection completed just prior to the one year warranty anniversary is your last chance to get all deficiencies repaired by the builder. So this is one of the most important. 
Your builder will generally not accept a home inspection report produced by any home inspector. The reason! There are reports of all kinds and Tarion just don’t have the time to comprehend some reports specially from some inspectors. So Tarion have